Exploring the Historical Sites of San Ramón, California

Discover historical sites in San Ramon, California such as the San Ramon Valley Museum, Tatcan Indian Memorial Site, Forest Home Farms, South Pacific Railroad and more.

Exploring the Historical Sites of San Ramón, California

San Ramón, California is a city of 55,000 inhabitants located in the San Ramón Valley, east of San Francisco, in Contra Costa County. The city has a rich history that dates back to the 19th century when it was known as Limerick due to the many Irish settlers. Today, visitors can explore the city's historical sites and learn about its past. The San Ramón Valley Museum is a great place to start.

Located in a warehouse, it offers historical exhibits, tours of Danville and the Alamo cemetery, and a research library. Visitors can also take advantage of the Tatcan Indian Memorial Site located on the side of the San Ramón stream, just west of the Canine Corral. In 1997, Ruth Quayle Boone bequeathed the 16-acre Boone family farm known as Forest Home Farms to the city of San Ramón for use as a municipal historic park in memory of her husband, Travis Moore Boone. This park is a great place to explore and appreciate nature while learning about its history.

The arrival of the San Ramón branch of the South Pacific Railroad in 1891 was an important milestone for the city. Visitors can see several exhibits on the San Ramón branch (steam railway and, later, diesel), learn about the short-lived electric railway (1914-192) and buy some books about railroads and the history of the valley. Bishop Ranch was established in San Ramón in the late 19th century and began raising livestock and growing fruits, nuts and grains. Here are ten places in the valley you can enjoy visiting, all recommended by the San Ramón Valley Museum:

  • San Ramón Valley Museum
  • Tatcan Indian Memorial Site
  • Forest Home Farms
  • South Pacific Railroad
  • Electric Railway (1914-192)
  • Research Library
  • Danville & Alamo Cemetery Tours
  • Engraved Drawing from 1850-1915
  • Bishop Ranch
  • Ten Places in Valley Recommended by Museum
San Ramón is a great place to explore and learn about its history.

The San Ramón Valley Museum offers spring and fall public tours and guided group tours by reservation; call 837-3750 for more information.

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