San Ramon 150.

San Ramon 150 is an exciting, grassroots initiative to celebrate 150 years of community of the once village and now City of San Ramon. This yearlong sesquicentennial celebration commemorates the 1867 building of the first permanent schoolhouse in San Ramon, highlighting the establishment of San Ramon as a thriving center for the educational, social, political, commercial and religious needs of local residents. Dedication of the schoolhouse marked at time when San Ramon first had all the components of a well-rounded, viable community—a place folks were proud to call home. 150 years later, San Ramon remains a successful and cohesive community of diverse residents, quality education, prosperous businesses and beautiful parks, open space and community assets.

Through a collaborative effort of proud citizens, businesses and community leaders, San Ramon 150 endeavors to highlight the historic roots of our community, the wonderful attributes of modern-day San Ramon and the promise of a bright future for the folks who live, work and play in our community. Throughout 2017, we look forward to offering events, programs and presentations that show just how special San Ramon is.

We welcome you to join us as we come together for a truly meaningful celebration of 150 years of community!


San Ramon,
A Sesquicentennial History.

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Today’s San Ramon is a dynamic community, the fourth largest city in Contra Costa County. It has a variety of parks, homes, stores and a major employment center all in a setting of remarkable beauty. In 2017 a lively Sesquicentennial celebration recalls the community’s origins in 1867 when San Ramon Grammar School first opened and became a focus for the young community.


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by Beverly Lane